Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moving the Work Along - Olivia and Her Son Were Baptized

27 July 2009
Dear Family,

It was amazing that i received a letter from each of you. Its amazing that Camille is already finished with her semester.

To answer Mom's question about the ATM card, i got it. I'm glad i got it this week just because i was getting a bit worried about it.

As far as going to BYU, I would like to go, but im not sure if they have good engineering programs. BYU-I does, but its only for mechanical engineering. What Im going to do is just take general ed classes that would best fulfill CSU and IGETC requirements. Then when i get back i can start talking with the counselors to see where i can go and also do some shadowing.

Some of the classes that interest me are internet classes. Also, if i am going to take classes in the second term, i will probably have to leave the mission field a few days earlier than the scheduled day. I was talking to our zone leader who is also leaving from his mission early and he said i should that i should talk to President Porter ASAP. So I'll have to do that. What I'm thinking of doing is taking a few classes that are on the same days, so that on the free days I can either find work or do shadowing. I will need to earn some extra money. But enough of school.

We had Olivia Owen and her son Simon get baptized this Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. She is a very awesome recent convert. I had the privelege of baptizing her and confirming her, and Elder Kelemete baptized and confirmed Simon. That was my second confirmation that I've done and i felt it went well.

We had quite a good ward council on Sunday. They seem to be getting better at them here in Moerewa. They are focusing on things like getting the adults and youth to the temple and activities that can unite the ward members. One thing i realized is that every meeting should be centered around people, not activities. You tailor the activities to the people, not the people to the activities.

Dad, does the ward use the Progress Record in meetings such as PEC or Ward Council? Just thought i might ask.

Transfers is this Thursday. I don't know if i am staying or going. President Porter said in last interviews that i probably wouldn't stay up north too much longer. But Elder Kelemete is waiting for his visa to go to Papua New Guinea, and i dont think that they would put a new missionary in the area when he could recieve his assignment to report to PNG. So we shall have to wait and see. I would still like to stay up, but if i eventually get transferred, i would like to be there for more than one transfer, not just one. Que sera sera.

I love you all. Take care.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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