Friday, August 21, 2009

My Troubles Are His Concerns

17 August 2009
Dear Family,

This week has been a really testing one, but as my zone leaders have said, it is the way one develops into an effective leader. Right now i am with the zone leaders. My companion, Elder Hunter, was sent home on a medical release. He was struggling with some things and that is all i will say at the moment. I may explain in the future. So any way, i have been with the zone leaders since Friday evening.

We had a fairly good week with lessons and preping people for baptism. We have two coming up very soon. Ainsley Marsh and Sarah Carrington are currently set for the 29th of this month. We also have a Musical Fireside planned for the 30th, which will be a good way to finish off two baptisms and confirmations for that weekend. This area has a lot of potential.

I forgot to answer one of your questions in regards to Elder Love. He is actually be trained by Elder Fawson in Tauranga. If you recall, I trained Elder Fawson in Tokoroa. He is now a zone leader in Tauranga. I believe Elder Love is from Orange County. I briefly met him @ transfers.

I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. He is a Samoan missionary who has been out about a year...nearly. I served around him in one of my previous areas. I am looking forward to having him as my companion and me being his comp.

Thanks Mom for getting the registration of my classes nearly completed. I hope everything works out as far as paying for the classes. I really don't want to be home a week early if i won't be able to go to school this semester. But it should all work out.

I have had a couple neat experiences this week, mainly with prayer. I have been praying a lot more fervently and more sincerely. I have noticed that i sometimes get into a pattern where i quickly rush through praying. But it is such a wonderful experience when i really pray and feel a sense that Heavenly Father is closely listening and that my troubles are his concerns. The few weeks that i was with Elder Hunter were a definite strain in different ways, but I did learn a lot and now i am learning a lot about Gospel leadership from my Zone leaders, Elder Davenport and Elder Nelson. They are great missionaries.

By the way Stacey, Elder Davenport had a sister named Amy that was @ BYU-I last year. She is nearly 25. I'm not sure if you knew her or not.

It was good to have Sarah come to church this Sunday, because she hasn't been able to the last couple of Sundays. She is working on some Word of Wisdom challenges, but she is improving.

Being a district leader is enjoyable but a bit strenuous as well. I love being in a calling where i can be of greater service. I look forward to serving more effectively in callings after i complete my mission.

As for the speaking assignment, I would like to speak on the talk by Elder Kevin Pearson. I really enjoyed it and it is probably based much upon the lectures on faith by Joseph Smith.

I was surprised that you got the pictures so quickly. I cant recall which ones i sent.

Well, i gotta get going. I love you all so very much.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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