Sunday, August 9, 2009

Transferred to the Big City of Auckland....Finally

3 August 2009
Dear Family,

I am in Mt. Roskill Auckland! I didn't think I would be sent down here so soon. My companion is Elder Hunter. He has been out about a year and a half, so a little less than me. He's been here for at least two transfers. We cover two wards, Mt. Roskill (18th ward) and Balmoral wards. I am on a bike again and there are heaps of hills. Most of the mountains around Auckland are inactive volcanoes? They have a lot of islander members here as well, which is always good. They always love the faifekau(tongan); or faifeau in samoan.

Elder Kelemete is still up in Kawakawa. His new companion is Elder Reese, who is finishing this transfer. Hopefully he may get his visa soon. He's been waiting for nearly a year. Their mission recently had a new mission president called, but the former mission president can't leave until the new one receives his visa. Elder Kelemete is an awesome missionary.

I got a chance to talk to President Porter on Tuesday morning about the schooling and he said to talk to one of the office ladies. I then got a call i think on Friday from Sister Sheperd and told her about the schooling. I didn't realize that they would give me two flights. If i knew that, i would have told them to include Santa Maria in the itinerary. They should be able to fix it.

We have been able to meet with some of our members and also some of our investigators. We have one baptism coming this Saturday, and hopefully two more later this month. There are two other companionships in our district, Chinese missionaries and Tongan missionaries. It should be a tight district.

We had a short lesson on Sunday with a part member couple. The previous missionaries have been working on them to help them get married. They told us they just recently got engaged. Their names are Stan and Joey(Josephine?).

As for the schooling, right now i would prefer going to Allan Hancock during the winter, so that i may transition. I don't know if BYU has any fast track classes. I will have to ask President Porter if i can check those school websites on Prep day. I have selected some classes that would interest me and go towads gen ed.

It sure is wierd being in Auckland for the first time, but its quite nice. We can see the sky tower quite well from any part of our area.

It is quite cold right now, so i hope it starts to heat up a bit.

Take care and i wish you all a good week.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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