Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enduring to the End

24 August 2009
Dear Family,

This week has been another interesting one. I have my new companion, who came up on Wednesday from Otara. He was a district leader down there in an all Tongan district. I don't know how long he will be in the area. He is pretty bummed about being in the English programme again. He may be here to just finish up this transfer with me. His name is Elder Lausi'i. He is also near finishing. He was with Elder Stephenson in Pukekohe before i arrived there.

Elder or Riley Stephenson is apparently at BYU provo playing football. I have been a bit concerned for him because he was sent home last year early and I wrote a letter to see how he was doing and he didn't reply. Sorry i never mentioned that, but it was quite a shock for me. But I've heard he is doing well.

We had interviews this week. I can't believe this was my second to last interview. President Porter had some reassuring words for me. I really love him and respect him and his counsel. He really doesn't mince words in Zone Conferences or interviews. In interviews while i was in Hamilton, he had us come in and within a minute asked each missionary "Are you clean?". He has done very well at raising a standard and putting the missionaries to it.

On Saturday, we had an investigator, Ainsley Marsh, interviewed for baptism by one of our zone leaders, Elder Nelson. She is so prepared. He said that in her interview, she talked about repentance and the Atonement and her experiences with repenting. She was found by friend inviting her to church and when she came she felt the Spirit and came up to the missionaries and asked to be taught. She is having her family come down from Whangarei. Hopefully this will be a great missionary tool for her family in the future.

We had a neat experience with finding and teaching a potential investigator. When Elder Hunter was here, we were heading back to our flat one night when i stopped to talk to some Indians that are YSA age. We got thier names and phone numbers and were able to set up a lesson within the next couple of days with one of them, her name being Ewa. She had to cancel on the day of the lesson, but it was my first suprise that she called us to reschedule. We set up another lesson and finally had one the day of our interviews. She brought a friend with her and we also had a member there as well. We were desperately needing to find new investigators this week and we did. Hopefully we can get one of our Fijian-Indian recent converts to fellowship her this week.

My district leader responsibilities can be overwhelming, but the Lord is supporting me and i know that i am being blessed despite the trials i am currently going through. Tonight i am conducting my first tradeoff. I am a bit nervous, but am looking forward to be able to work alongside the missionaries in my district. We've got some great missionaries in our district.

My departure date seems so close but with some of my challlenges it still feels like ages. I am doing my best to work all day every day. I suppose that happens when i am on assignment from President Porter, as i have been for the last transfer or so.

I love you all very much. I hope I will finish strong and that i will be able to share my experiences with the ward filled with the Spirit and that it will be an edifying experience.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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