Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ooops! Forgot to Mention the District Leader Thing

10 August 2009
Dear Whanau,

Its so good to hear from you. Sorry i didn't tell you about my assignment as a district leader. But i didn't realize that President Porter would send a letter about me being called.

As for the pictures, i will send them today. I printed them out in my last area. I don't know how to put them on CD. I suppose the Warehouse (similar to Walmart) could have done it. But i still keep the pictures that I've taken, so i will try another time to put them on CD. But the ones i have i will send off.

This week is Zone Conference, which i am looking forward to. I can't believe this is my second to last Zone Conference. I wasn't wanting to let anyone know when i finish, but its hard when companion from the same out-take let other missionaries know when i finish. Yesterday, i had a good chat with President Porter. He is such an awesome leader. I really do love both my mission presidents. Both have great qualities of leaders.

My first District meeting went well. I was a bit nervous before i got down to the city, but being here it is quite nice. I think i realized long before i became a District leader that i would make mistakes, like forgetting to call the missionaries in my district every day and knowing how to encourage, persaude and lift them.

As for my classes, these are the main classes i want to take:
-Speech 101 (Ticket #3586)and-Political Science 103
-American Govt (Ticket #3577)and
-WLD T 399 Basic Blacksmithing (Ticket #3766) I would like this class as well.

If the classes up above don't go through then these will do:
-Engl 103 Critical Thnkng + Compstn (Ticket #3619)and
-H ED 100 Health and Wellness (Ticket#3665)

Well, I hope all goes well. I don't have my transcripts with me. I hope you can register it for me on WEBREG. If you need some more information, i suppose you could call President Porter. But not unless you really need something.

Gotta go.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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