Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upcoming Baptism This Week

Dear Family,

I really enjoyed your letters. I can't get over that school is almost out for Camille. I had better answer your questions lest i forget. In regards to speaking in sacrament meeting, i would prefer to speak as soon as i get back, simply because i don't want to wait and worry about it. What did Dad have in mind in regards to a topic to speak on?

To answer Camille's question, the most exciting thing that we had this week was preparing our investigators for baptism on the 25th of this month. It is a mother and her son, Olivia Owen and Simon. She is a most amazing woman, who really loves Jesus Christ and really loves coming to church. The doctors had said, because of her cancer, that she wasn't going to make it to her 3rd birthday. But she is nearly 30 and has two awesome kids. So we are looking forward to that. Bro Lawrence Horn, her uncle, should be the one performing the baptism.

This week feels like it went well, despite me being real crock on Thursday avo and much of Friday as well. Bro Tau Kaka made some Kumarahau (I think that's how it was pronounced) which is a drink that is supposed to "clear out" the sickness, especially ones due to congestion and throat soreness. I've been trying to drink it, despite it being the most bitter thing I've tasted.

So is Brother Larson the Bishop is 2nd ward?

This Sunday we were able to narrow down a bit on who we could plan to have baptized in the month of August. We were able to have six people come to church this Sunday. The two couples (George and Cynthia, and Elijah and Laviana) in Paihia are struggling to commit to some of the commandments. But for the most part, they have still been coming to church. But some of the Bishopric pointed out to us some that need to be followed up with. Part-member families and non-members that are close to members are the ones that seem to bring the most baptisms in this mission.

The following is just about school and prep:

By the way, i had a chance to look through that AHC class schedule. Term 2 starts on the 19th of October, but that is when I am supposed to be getting back. I think how it works is that on the 19th, we head down to the mission office and get things organized (passport, luggage, etc.). Then on Tuesday the 20th, we have a bit of "debriefing", last interview with the mission president, and it seems that they leave that afternoon or evening, and if I'm correct, should arrive in the states the same day they left.

If I were to sign up for classes that started either on Monday or Tuesday, then i wouldn't even make it, unless they could be notified that i ain't even in the country yet. I'll probably be pretty wasted on Wednesday, but that would be alright.

What my general feeling right now is, that if I don't do some schooling right away, that it will be a big "shock to the system" when i try in January. I would like to go back to work, but of course i don't have ne idea about that either. I liked working with Bro. Salvesen, but I'll probably need to find a job that pays more and also would be closer to my field of work.

I have picked out some classes that would help me complete more Gen ed. Is Cal Poly a CSU or UC, i couldn't tell? Last of all, if I am going to wards Cal Poly (which is what im thinking of doing right now), do i try and fill out the CSU or IGETC requirements. I would like to still keep my options open for other possible universities. Anyway, just some things to get off my mind. Please get back to me ASAP, so that if i can and should register for classes, that i can do so quickly. Thank you very much.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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