Monday, July 6, 2009

Hard Yakker Meeting Our Goals

6 July 2009
Dear Family,

Happy 4th of July! During our companionship study on Saturday, I sang the song "The star spangled banner", and then waved my flag. I havn't been able to raise it in our flat yet, but it is a beautiful flag made of excellent material.

In our district we've had some changes made and there are possible changes within the next two days. I'll have to tell you next Monday what happens.

This week wasn't as great with our "numbers" but we set someone for baptism who has been coming for the last month and some. Her name is Olivia Owen. She is related to the Horn family in Moerewa ward. In fact, she happens to be related to both the brother and the sister! When we talked about baptism and gave her the day of the 18 of July, she said that she wanted to get up and jump up and down for joy! She has an excellent capability of recognizing the Spirit. She has said that she has been to many churches and this is the only one that she feels the Spirit of the Lord. She also feels it when we are there in her home. In our lesson, she shared some personal spiritual experiences that were touching. They had helped her get through her cancer treatment.

We also had our investigators in Paihia come to church and they came on time this Sunday. George and Cynthia, and Elijah and Laviana were all ten minutes early. We'll have to follow up with them and see how they enjoyed it. They were able to sit with members.

I am really enjoying those discourses on Joseph Smith. One thing that has really stuck out to me is the faith that he had and the firsthand knowledge of the nature of God and Jesus Christ.

As far as the word "yakker", it mean work, but is almost always used with the word hard; thus, one would say, "hard yakker" or in American terms "hard work". Its an aussie term.

Our Zone Conference was really good as well. The Spirit was in abundance and we were there early enough to be calm and reverent as we prepared ourselves to be instructed. I reckon thats how it should be with Sacrament meeting. I think too many people take lightly how edifying it can be. I have been able to recieve revelation during Sacrament meeting simply by pondering over the covenants we make and then praying about what we can do better the coming week.

As far as the nation, I'm a bit worried about what is going on. I really hate how people can think one is racist simply because they disagree with a person's opinions or policies. Kiwis seem to love the fact that Obama is in and don't really care much about what he is doing but where he comes from .

Well, keep up the hard yakker. Cheerio.

Love, Elder Cashmore

P.S. I'll try and send the pictures today if possible.

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