Sunday, February 1, 2009

1 Feb 2009

Dear Family,

Again, thank you for you wonderful emails that keep me updated on progress of the family and friends. I just have a couple of questions. Is Marie Mortensen serving a mission right now? If so, when did she start and where is she? Also, if you could keep me updated on Kyle Cashmore and the aunties, uncles, and cousins.

This week has been quite interesting. Its funny that you mentioned putting my name in the temple and how my name came to your mind. I felt prompted to fast for the family this week. Usually i fast for myself or other people. So i hope all is going well.

Something i also wanted to follow-up with is how we are doing on our food storage in storing and utilizing it. I don't read the news or watch the TV but i certainly can hear from the members and others the things that are occurring around the globe. I am not fearful of what is taking place, but rather concerned in the what, how and when for our preparation for times of distress. Like it says in Doctrine and Covenants, "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear".

We had interviews with President Porter this week. I concur with what Scott Pitts mentioned to you, Dad. President Porter said that the companions that I've had are really preparing me for marriage. It sure can be a struggle at times and very testing of one's patience and ability to be still, literally. But things seem to be going better. I have found that most arguments come because of misunderstanding on the part of the individuals involved and also due to pride. I've been a senior companion for about 8 months now, which can be hard when things are going rough and I have to lead. It sure requires more humility and charity.

Transfers is next week, amazingly. I am thinking that one of us will get transferred. We cover two wards and i really am hoping that they will divide the area among 4 missionaries. But we shall see.

We had some good experiences with working with members this week. There is really no success without the members involvement/participation. We met with some families that weren't very promising in helping us find, teach and baptize. But there were a couple that were super missionary minded and they expected us to be asking them about what they are doing to share the gospel and how it is going. With one particular family, the Chang family, he was telling us of his conversion and missionary work in his homeland of Korea before we even started dinner and during and after. We simply just asked him and his wife what they were doing to share the gospel with others. There was no need in preparing their hearts to do missionary work, because their hearts were already aright. We were able to set up a time in which we will be stopping by "unexpectedly" when they will be having some Korean neighbors over for a noodle dinner.

Members shouldn't give referrals, but rather provide people for the missionaries to teach in their home. But it requires the members to be wanting to do it and to effectively do it.

Something you could talk about in a FHE or family council is preparing one individual or family to be invited to a FHE or a dinner. Take care and have a great week.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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