Monday, February 16, 2009

15 Feb 2009

Dear Family,

Thank you for your very uplifting letters. I am feeling a little bit better. But the last two days I've been very tired and this morning i awoke with a very painful headache. Last time sister Porter told me to drink as much water as i can. It seems like I drink a lot of water, but maybe I'm not.

This week was transfers, and i am still here in Chartwell and Rototuna wards, with a brand new missionary, Elder Tham from Melbourne Australia. He is a really neat missionary. His father is from Malaysia and his mother is from Hong Kong. He was born in Hawaii, lived in Singapore for about 8 years, and has been in Australia for about 5 years. So his accent is a mix between Aussie and American. He is the eldest in his family of four kids.

This last transfer was tough and many times i was overwhelmed in what i could do to work with my companion. I know that i was probably part of the problem, but President reassured me that he was with me for a reason. But he was a good missionary and we accomplished much in helping our investigators progress.

On Saturday, Maree was baptized by me at the chapel. we had a very good turn out. About forty people showed up. Elder Tugaga was instrumental in preparing the ward for her baptism and in the formation of her baptismal programme. She was confirmed yesterday and the ward is absolutely amazed at her humility and her desire and will to follow Christ and to join His church. We stopped by the Bishop George's last night and we had a chat with him and with his wife. She had said that she had given the closing prayer in Relief Society and that it was a pure prayer, one with complete sincerity and trust and all the ladies in Relief Society were amazed at how she prayed, that they all looked up at her in amazement after saying "amen". Bishop gave the confirmation.

I don't know if you know, but when people say "amen" here in New Zealand, they say the "a" the same way you pronounce "a" in "hawk". I remember that Mom had corrected me on it one time, but they do a lot of things differently here. Also, the words "damn" and "hell" have been said in church and in the home and it doesn't mean the same as it does back home.

The weather was very hot this last week. I would get a shower in the evening and be sweating after i got out. We stopped by a members house and we were so sweaty that he with all seriousness asked if we would like to get cold shower! When i went to Nauvoo, the humidity was quite bad. I am somewhat used to it, although i surely don't enjoy biking through it.

As for you, Mom, asking about me feeling a change, i don't know if i can recognize any change. It could be because of this last transfer. I've learned some things that have given me greater understanding and i've been using my study journal better, which could be making a difference. I've also just finished reading the four Gospels and am in the book of Acts right now. Been reading steadily through Jesus the Christ and will be done with it in a couple of weeks, i hope. It could be that that is what is making the difference.

Thank you again for the emails. Love you all. Pray for my companion Elder Tham as well. By the way, how have your FHE and family scripture studies and prayers been going?

Love, Elder Cashmore

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