Sunday, February 22, 2009

22 Feb 2009

Dear Family,

I am glad this week is over and that i can now work on this week. This whole week has been pretty exhausting, training a new missionary. I've also been suffering from fatigue and i fell asleep for a couple of minutes in stake conference. President and Sister Porter were there as well. I was talking to Sister Porter as well and she said that i need to take vitamins and that i might be deficient in iron. So we'll be buying some more vegetables and fruits and other healthy food.

We had quite a few neat experiences in finding people by talking to them and teaching them on the street. I really have been trying to work on that with my new companion, Elder Tham. On Saturday morning, we were biking down a street nearby our flat named Tongariro, and we biked by this YSA aged lady. I felt that we really needed to talk to her, so i told Elder Tham that he was going to talk to her. We did and she said that she knew who we were and wanted to learn more. She said that she is going to give us a call. She seems pretty choice.

One of the most touching experiences that was realized this week for me was a less-active brother in the ward that received the Melchezidek priesthood after Stake Conference. I had found him and his family with Elder Davis and almost the week after they had started coming to church. They are from Tuvalu and Kiribas. When they first came, they weren't partaking of the sacrament. Within a month or two they were coming regularly and they were partaking of the sacrament again. They are so humble. I was talking to Bishop last night and was saying how it was probably their very active home teacher that gave the real help in aiding them to return to activity, but he said that this brother had mentioned to the Bishop that they felt a very special Spirit when we came around, which wasn't as often as it should have been. That made me feel good. The worse feeling is to be working and to feel that it isn't helping anyone or that I'm wasting my time and the Lord's time.

My new companion is much like Jeff Howe and he's very fun to work with. We often have a good laugh about goofy things i mention or do or things that we experience during the day. He's also a great cook and loves to clean, like dad does :P

We had a very instructive Priesthood session of conference. I'm sure dad is getting trained on a couple new things that will aid in missionary at the ward level. Who is the ward mission leader in the 3rd ward? Are there ward missionaries? They did a demonstration in the session on how a MCM should be held and what is discussed in MCM. It was very helpful for our bishops and the ward mission leaders. I was surprised that our Chartwell ward mission leader wasn't there.

I love you all and have a great appreciation for the work that you do and the service you render. Thank you for your love expressed in your letters/emails. Just one more question, there is a recipe that dad made with apples that were stuffed with dried fruit. Could you get that to me? I tried it this week but the apples weren't completely cooked, which was alright, but i want to get it right the next time. Thanks.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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