Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Jan 2009

Dear Family,

This week has been fairly busy and also quite interesting. We found quite a few investigators and had nearly double the amount of lessons with a member present. It was good being able to increase our teaching pool. We currently have two set for baptism, both in the Rototuna ward. Most of the people we found this week were in Chartwell. We have been very blessed in that way.

During the week we had two trade offs, one with the zone leaders and the other and latter with my district leader. I had the opportunity to go to Huntly and Ngaruawahia with Elder Linger, our district leader. He is very humble and he's a great guy. He actually finishes soon. Note for Camille: he's from Idaho and will be going to BYU-I during the fall.

I had a neat experience on the trade off, that I wanted to mention. We went to Ngaruawahia on Saturday avo for just a couple of hours. We had some referrals to follow up with and we were doing that. We knocked on this one house that we both felt impressed to knock on. The lady wasn't interested. Then we saw a guy walking across the street with a tram and we went over and began to talk to him. Wasn't too interested either, but we kept talking to him about the Church college closing as we walked through an alley and onto another street. We walked by this one house with quite few people inside and we waved as we talked to the aforementioned man. We quickly cut the conversation off and went and talked to them. Went to the door, talked to a lady that said she had been set for baptism when she was a kid, but that she wasn't very interested in it. We then said,"Well if you're interested in your family, then this is going to unify your family and give you direction for you to raise your kids". We basically just promised the blessings of the Restoration in relation to her family. We then set a return appointment and at the end said that she really wants what we're going to share help her out with her family. It was a neat experience of following the Spirit, and being bold in testifying and making the Restoration realavent to her.

I wrote a letter to Grandma Cashmore, so hopefully she got it. Hopefully she's doing alright.

Love ya all, keep up the good work Camille with school. Keep reading the scriptures as a family and doing family home evenings as well.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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  1. I did change the picture like he asked but it was hard to find a picture since he hasn't sent very many home of just himself.