Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 Jan 2009

Dear Family,

This week went very well. We have found some good investigators and they are doing great. Both came to church on Sunday, and one of them is very ready (humble) and is quite prepared for baptism, despite us having only taught her twice.

Also, Rebecca was confirmed this Sunday, which was a great relief. I performed the confirmation with my companion, and several other members of the ward. I felt it was a good blessing, and it was actually my first confirmation. Last week i had been so nervous, but i was much more calm this week. If she hadn't shown up yesterday, then we might have had to baptize her again, which wasn't an easy endeavor, since she's in a wheelchair.

The fishhooks that i gave each of you have a little description of what each means. They are for good luck and prosperity and since the one that Mom has is a fishhook, it pretty much means the same thing. Hopefully you like the tie that i got as well. Ties can be quite dear, but i guess they weren't cheap back home either.

That is so exciting to hear about all the projects that are taking place at the house. When Dad was talking about the latter to the attic and the joke he made about it, i couldn't help chuckling and reminiscing on how Dad always likes to "joke about the junk".

I had some pretty neat experiences teaching this week. We taught this less active a couple times this week and both times we were quite bold in what we taught. He felt the Spirit and after reading the first half of Mosiah chapter 4, i asked him if he believed in the gospel. Then i told him to basically live up to that knowledge and then committed him to come to church. Unfortunately, he didn't come, but the power was there. Sometimes it takes time. We have had some other less-actives coming back to church and it is exciting to see them come back with greater enthusiasm and frequency.

Camille, that's neat that you had that experience at Zone Conference. We are having ours this week on Thursday. I have always enjoyed Zone Conferences. When one develops greater faith in God and Jesus Christ and in the restored gospel, the desire to share the gospel becomes greater and its easier to talk to friends and invite them to activities and to learn more from the missionaries. There is a girl that is about 16-17 who has invited her boyfriend to church these past two Sundays and will soon invite him to investigate the church. Put forth the faith with action, and trust in the Lord to say the right things.

Yesterday we met a less-active returned missionary (he served over 10 years ago). From the conversation we had with him about him returning to activity, i really started to think about what i need to do better as a missionary. One of my first companions told me that if as a missionary you aren't keeping mission rules, that when you return, its likely that you'll struggle in keeping the commandments. I haven't been willfully disobedient, but there sure is a lot of improvement, in the way of the many small things and my own weaknesses. I still am going to ponder on that and then work on what needs strengthening.

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your encouraging letters.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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