Sunday, March 15, 2009

All Pumped Up

15 March 2009
Dear Family,

Thank you for your wonderful emails. I am excited about how things seem to be running. Something that i heard recently that comes to mind is this : " There is no growth in the comfort zone".

We had an interesting Sunday...none of our investigators came to church. We know that at least one of them was sick. We went over and a gave a blessing to her and her daughter, Tennessee.

Last night we had dinner over at a Korean family's home and we had some authentic Korean food. We had Kimchi and some soup with noodles, onions, and sea weed. They only gave me chop sticks and i was able to use them quite effectively. Elder Tham misses using his own back home and he said its weird to eat noodles without them. Whenever i am with Koreans, i often recall Grandpa telling me about his stories when he served there during the Korean war. He said that he had learned a bit of their language, but that he couldn't remember much.

We also had interviews with President Porter this week. I have always enjoyed having interviews with both President Cook and President Porter. They are very different individuals, but i have already learned much from both of them. That reminds me; i wrote a letter to one of my companions and I've been expecting him to write back, but he hasn't. Anyway, President Porter says i am doing good, but he said that i am often too hard on myself.

With the blog, please change the picture that is in the top right corner with another one. I will need to send more. i am taking more pictures with Elder Tham. The batteries always seem to die quickly (the rechargeable ones). There have been several times past that I've wanted to take pictures but haven't been able to.

Just a question i had: mom, how much do you make @ your volleyball officiating?

Another question: how is Kyle doing with work and further schooling?

Also, what is Brother Hohaia's first name?

Something i am near to finishing is Jesus the Christ. I have less than ten pages left. If i stay on track, i will end up reading D+C, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Old Testament. I have read all of the standard works but the complete Old Testament, so that should be interesting.

As for food, we eat several nights (about four to five) with the members. We do make our own lunches the majority of the time. Elder Tham is definitely the cook in this companionship.

I love you all and continue to follow the counsel in Mosiah 18: 8+9

Love, Elder Cashmore

P.S. Those singles ward missionaries are setting quite a standard. I need to pick it up. More member missionary work, coming our way. Chau


  1. I did change the picture like he asked but it was difficult to find a good picture since he hasn't sent very many home of just himself.

  2. This is great Ramona! I hope to visit this site often.
    Elder Cashmore,
    I hope all is well. The work seems to be progressing in New Zealand.

    Mike and Kim

  3. Awesome!! It's looks and sounds like Elder Cashmore is having a great mission. The blog is perfect to get the news out. Good job Ramona! The Chadwicks