Monday, March 9, 2009

8 Mar 2009

Dear Family,

It sounds like things are going well and you all staying busy. Right now i am in the Internet cafe in town, near the council building, which would be similar to the Santa Maria city hall. I don't have a time limit since we haven't gone back to that library. I don't like being pressured for time when it comes to reading and responding to emails.

This week went okay. We had some high goals set, and we were able to exceed some of them. We had a total of 16 lessons this week, which wasn't too bad. What was a little disappointing was my teaching this week wasn't too good. Elder Tham and I practiced teaching this morning so that we could refine the way we teach and remove any vocabulary that is hard to understand. I seem to do okay when it comes to writing emails because i can change what i right before i send it, but i really want to be more articulate and deliver the message more effectively, thus enabling the Spirit to testify to the individual of the truthfulness of the message.

We have one person set for baptism this month. She is set for the 21st. She had been doing alright. She kicked out her partner a week or so ago, and when we had a lesson @ the fellow-shipper's house, we went around to her house, and he was home. We were pretty bummed out. But when we talked to her about it later, she said that he got upset with her when he came back and she told him that she is going to keep the law of chastity. We will just have to continue to gauge promptings from the Spirit and be sure that she is being honest. We finally got some better fellowship involved on Sunday.

We had a pretty fun service project on Saturday. It took about 2 hours. This lady and her family from Colombia South America that we've been teaching wanted us to clear these bushes and shrubs in her backyard. She almost had a thief (ladron) enter her house because he was hiding amongst the trees and bushes and he couldn't be seen from the road. We decimated those bushes and filled their entire backyard with the cut limbs and bushes. We thinned it quite well and it looked quite good.

Well, keep doing your best. Camille, you seem to be pretty excited about going to BYU-I. You'll do great. I really have no idea what i am going to go into after i return. I'll need to do some fasting and praying about that. Maybe dad could send some options for me to look at as far as studies go. Its good that you are cleaning the garage and organizing the food supply.

Love you all. Take care.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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