Monday, September 28, 2009

More Upcoming Baptisms

28 Sept. 2009
Dear Family,

Thank you for your wonderful emails. That was a neat surprise to hear that Brad Jarvis is dating someone from the Spanish branch. I remember going on splits with the Zone Leaders that covered the singles ward and we ran into some mexicans on the street and luckily we each had some skill in the language, but not much.

One of the missionaries was telling me that in the orientation for departing missionaries that they tell us how to give hugs properly. I don't know if he was fibbing or not. It just reminded me of what you said about Michael Kerns giving u a hug.

I really am enjoying my time in the area and having Elder Jenkins here. He is a great missionary. I was a bit discouraged about how our day was going on Saturday, but we kept going. The best companionships are the ones where we push each other and inspire each to remain diligent so that we can recieve the fruits of our efforts.

On Saturday, we went over to Ward St. to tract and we started talking to people in the area. I then had the thought that we should go see one of our part-member families on Paice St. We quickly visited and then left and talked to a lady outside who said we could come by Monday night. We didn't even get a chance to share anything with her, but she allowed for us to come back. Hopefully she is interested.

This week we were able to set 5 people for baptism for the coming weeks. First we set Faga(pronounced Fanga), for the 17 of October and her and her member partner will be getting married on the 9th of October. We also have another Samoan family we've been teaching, named the Tusa family. The mom is a member and the father is very supportive and apparently is a less-active member too, but has been going to another church. The four oldest kids, Monica, Maria, Jasmin, and Emmanuel will be baptized this Saturday. We have set a goal for 7 baptisms this months for our companionship. I am grateful that Elder Jenkins will be able to experience some success at the beginning of his mission. I did as well, but it wasn't until the end of my second transfer. But all good.

The weather has been pretty wet this last week. I was on a tradeoff with an Elder Luckhardt, and we got totally drenched! Within minutes of leaving the flat, it started a hard downpour of rain. We ran over to a porch and stood there for several minutes. Then we shot off again. There was a lot of flooding. There was water about a half foot deep on some of the sidewalks on a Mt. Albert Road, a main road in our area.

What is Blake sick with? It could just be the weather changes. Some of our investigators have been catching the cold or flu.

Are we planning any visits to the Los Angeles temple any time after i arrive back in California? I was going to buy new garments in my last temple trip, but didn't get a chance to; i need to get some when i get back.

Thats great to hear how the ward is doing with missionary work. I hope the singles ward is similar. I want to be as much help to the missionaries in whatever ward i live and serve in. I don't know how much time i will have, but i know that i need to spend some time every week. I think that is something i have learned more deeply is that missionary work is a combined effort of members and missionaries. Sharing the gospel is incomplete without one or the other. We have had some neat experiences with our ward mission leader in Mt. Albert ward in visiting families and organizing fellowshippers to support those we teach.

Thank you again. I love you all.

Elder Cashmore

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