Monday, September 14, 2009

The Lasts of My Mission

14 Sept. 2009
Kia Ora Family,

I really enjoyed your emails this morning. We are a bit late to getting to an email shop/cafe simply because we had a zone leader/district leader meeting. It was just our Zone Leaders, and one other district leader besides myself. It was a very spiritual meeting discussing needs of the districts and zone and what our focus will be this coming transfer.

Elder Lausi'i has been transferred to Papatoetoe. I am on an extended tradeoff with Elder Samani, who was in my district last transfer as well. I never got to go on a tradeoff with him last transfer just because i wasn't allowed to when Elder Hunter was there and i felt it wouldn't be good with Elder Lausi'i. Elder Samani and I are receiving our new companions on Wednesday. I don't yet know his name or where he is from. They were delayed due to visa requirements, but it will be good to have them here soon.

Tomorrow we have our temple trip and it will be my last one in New Zealand as a missionary. I am really excited and all the missionaries attending will be fasting during the time in the temple. It will be an experience of accountability to the Lord for the past few months since our last time in the temple and also for gaining greater knowledge and insight into our relationship with the Father and the Son. President Porter is really wanting us to gain that. Its interesting to note, and Elder Samani realized this, that President Hinckley mentioned this as the first gift that every missionary should receive from his/her mission.

The last couple of days Elder Samani has been sick and we have been in the flat for the majority of the time. But on Sunday we were able to do splits so that i could go to my wards in Balmoral and Mt. Albert, and he could go to his Tongan ward in Mt. Roskill 4th. A very willing member brother, Brother Karaitiana (karaitiana=Christian; in maori) was able to to come with me from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

Yesterday we had a miracle happen. While i was in Balmoral ward, Bro. Talisa from the Bishoprick came up to me and told me there was a sister who had some children that she wanted to have taught and baptized. We ended up talking to her and being able to set up a time with her and her four children on Wednesday. She has been just coming back to church and her husband is also a non-member so there is an opportunity to have the Spirit touch his heart and help him accept it as well. The Lord has been blessing us greatly. We just need to continue to be obedient, diligent, and humble.

Thank you for getting back to me with that information. I was just thinking that i don't know when they will be doing the class orientations. Thank you Dad for giving me some more information on what to do. Right now i feel doing a major in mechanical [engineering] would be the best and then plan on specializing more specifically when i get home. I was also thinking of doing a minor or having some other skills available as well.

I am also glad that i will be only going to LAX instead of up to Santa Maria. I was just thinking of staying the day in LA but realized that i still would need to be released. It will be good to see President Ridgeway again. I love him very much and respect him.

Also, tomorrow I will be sharing my testimony with the Zone Conference and it will be a neat experience since every Zone Conference, we see others sharing their concluding testimonies.

I love you all. Be sure not to always keep reminding me of getting home. I have plenty of reminders here. I need to remain diligent. I will try and not write as much myself in regards to asking about school and other things back home.

You'all are the best. Love ya's.

Elder Cashmore

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