Monday, June 8, 2009

Comments to Each Family Member

8 June 2009
Dear Family,

Thank you for your thoughtful emails. I really enjoyed that story about Mom going to St. George and running into that family again. I had a good chuckle about that. Thank you for sending the information about the schools. I haven't received it yet, but will likely receive them today.

We had a fantastic week here in the Northland. We still have five people set for baptism, and will probably be setting a couple of other people. My companion has only been out for like four months but is so on top of it with the work. We had more than 20 lessons this week! But we'll need to remain humble and keep working and relying upon God for these blessings and miracles to keep happening.

I can't believe school is basically out for Blake. So he only has one more year of school, right? Blake, it was good to hear that your doing great in volleyball. I haven't been able to play much since I've been in NZ. My companion and I have been doing some intense workouts and I've been doing alright at it. Still keeping up with those history teachers, eh?

Camille, keep up the good work. Some things are more difficult for others, but I'm sure what you're learning will stay longer and will mean more as well. I'll have to catch up with you when i finish my mission. Right now i am in Alma 32. I am also in D&C. I've been learning heaps from both.

Stacey, its good to hear your enjoying yourself in your new abode. Are you still in the relief society leadership? If you are, how is that going? I miss talking to my friends in the singles ward. They are a good bunch of people. I hope they're still having those activities.

Mom and Dad, you're the best. I love your encouragement. It really helps. There have been many times when a letter or what is written in these emails has helped lift my spirits. You must be inspired when you email or write letters.

On Saturday, they had a welfare night at the chapel. We invited some non-members and some of them came. We learned about different things to make out of wheat. One of them was boiled whole wheat. It was like oatmeal but real nice with honey and milk. Hope your wheat stuff is going well.

I love you all. Keep improving and doing your best.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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  1. I guess Stephen's mission time has blurred his thinking a bit - Blake isn't going to be a senior as Stephen thought, but a junior. Whooh! That would make me a year older too and I don't need that.