Thursday, June 4, 2009

Asking Questions by the Spirit

1 June 2009
Dear Family,

I can't believe it is already June. It seemed like it was just last week when i last talked to you. It is sometimes tough when i realize how long i have been out and how long i have left to go. But i seem to be doing well at keeping my mind focused on the work. I know i look forward to seeing you all and getting back into a school and work routine, and again enjoying things such as music and videos, but i will only enjoy it if I do my best now.

We had another great week. We have been so blessed. I have been reading through the missionary chapters in Alma, and i am amazed at what those missionaries did to qualify themselves and thus qualify others for the blessings to come and the miracles to occur. I feel much the same.

One thing that i really seemed to improve this week was my ability or skill to ask questions as prompted by the Spirit. My companion commented on it last night and said that there had been a drastic change since the beginning of the week until now. Now that i seem to be doing well at that, i want to try and work on some other skills. I think my listening skills could improve as well. I think I have already been working on that this week, and that may be part of the reason for being able to ask effective questions.

We have several people set for baptism. We have three in Paihia and two in Moerewa that are set for baptism. They are already pressured by Satan, but i think it will only increase and become more frequent for them. I have often pondered that principle, of the righteous getting sorely tested and the trials that must be endured and the temptations that must be ignored. There is a less-active sister that is now fully active in Moerewa ward, and she commented that every time she didn't go to church, it was easy, but that her challenges or trials became daunting as she was coming back and as she is still now very active.

As for my companion, you are correct; he is quite new. But he is very dedicated and continually improving himself. He is a racket ball fanatic and would love to talk all day about it, but he doesn't. I also had a good interview with President Porter. He is stern, but very loving as well. He is quite animated and loves to have a laugh as well. His Zone Conferences are definitely planned by the Spirit and each one seems to build on the other. President Cook also was very good as well. Much like Dad said, they each have their differences and one cannot be the other, but each was and is doing his best and those efforts were and are being felt and appreciated.

If you're going to be sending a package anytime soon, if you could send some mints or gum, that would be much appreciated.

By the way, how are those fruit trees doing? Are they still producing a lot of fruit? I will have to bring home some feijoa seeds and grow this wonderful fruit they have here back home. Its really good; a bit tart but great with dessert and ice cream and also good by themselves. They produce heaps of fruit. Look em up!

Thank you for your emails. Hope to get one from Stacey and Blake next week. They are pretty busy though. I love you all and have a great week.

Love, Elder Cashmore

(Here's a picture of feijoa fruit Ramona found on the web)

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