Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full of Joy & Finishing Strong!

5 October 2009
Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your letters this morning. I am full of joy in reading your letters and desire to finish strong here and continue strong and faithful in the next stage of my life.

If we are planning on getting back from SB @ 8:30, then we might reschedule for the next day. But I would prefer to meet with him that night, if its possible. I guess he doesn't release missionaries every week, so he might be flexible, but i know he is busy. Of course, I'll be flexible. I'll leave it up to you and President Ridgeway.

This week went fairly well. It was a bit hard due to the many indicators that my mission is coming to a close.

The highlights of this week were our baptism on Saturday for the Tusa family. Monica, Maria, Jasmin, and Emmanuel were all baptized and confirmed and they are really solid. The mom bore a powerful testimony of her family coming to church and how happy she is.

The fast and testimony meeting was packed for Balmoral ward. I don't think i have ever seen so many people waiting on the stand to bear their testimonies. I hope the work continues forward in this area and that my last week and a bit I only help the work move forward and do not hinder it.

I also had a very wonderful interview with President Porter. I am going to miss him a lot. I probably got to know him a bit better than President Cook, but i love them both very much. President Porter has helped me overcome some of my challenges. He gave me some very wise counsel that i hope to follow every day. I have been working on trying to follow the Spirit better and understand impressions better.

I am also looking forward to Gen Conf. this Sat and Sun.

To answer Camilles question, i probably won't have much of an accent. The only time it comes out is when i am in lessons, teaching or reading from the scriptures. If you want, i will try to give an impression when i get back of how kiwis speak. I will definitely have some vocabulary that you will catch me saying that I've picked up. You'll enjoy that!

Thank you Blake for writing. We should exercise together in the morning.

The last thing i wanted to do was to write in my testimony. I know that God lives and that he knows me. I know who Jesus Christ is better than before. When i feel the Spirit i begin to think, feel, and act as the Savior would. I know Joseph Smith was and is a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. I love the Book of Mormon and know that it really is for our day. I am so happy and hope to remain humble and steadfast.

Thank you again. I should be able to receive your emails next week.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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