Tuesday, May 19, 2009

79 People and 21 Lessons!

18 May 2009
Dear Family,

Thank you for your wonderful emails you sent me. It is a wonderful feeling to feel appreciated and loved by you all. I'm glad to hear of the things you are all accomplishing at church and school.

I was a bit surprised about Dorothy Crosby's passing. I always remember how Brother Crosby seemed so happy with her and it was neat how she would come to church with him. How did it happen?

We had a very good week in regards to reaching our goals. We had a total of 21 lessons (which is the most I can recall ever having) and we also talked to 79 people throughout the week. Yesterday was hard because we didn't have anyone come to church, and many of our planned lessons fell through. But we were still able to have about 3 lessons yesterday.

We were also able to help several members work on developing friendships with non-members and which will eventually lead to them investigating the church.

Last night my companion sprained his ankle pretty badly. It is a bit better today though. He's been keeping it elevated and iced. Apparently it has happened several times previously, so he's used to it and yet tired of it happening.

I was also surprised to hear that Stacey moved out! Where is her new residence?

This week we will be having a Zone Conference in Auckland and a temple trip during the conference! We will be driving down on Thursday, having the conference on Friday, and probably leaving Friday night, maybe even Saturday morning.

We are really praying for someone that we can have baptized soon. We have people that are closer to that goal, and some that are progressing now. There are loads of less actives in Moerewa. We ran into quite a few in just the last couple of days.

There is a scripture that i quite like. "I know that God loveth his children, nevertheless, i do not know the meaning of all things."Also, we sometimes need to choose faith.

I love you all very much. Take care until next week.

Love, Elder Cashmore

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